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Time to Thrive | Our new website is live:-)

WOW! It has been quite the year – in the midst of a pandemic and navigating through the challenges brought to us by COVID-19, we had to adjust, re-structure, and alter our service offerings to reflect the changing needs of our clients. As a marketing and digital marketing agency in California, we always advise our clients to develop methods and strategies to overcome challenges, but also utilize strengths to create unique offerings that set them apart from the competition. Challenging situations can also be opportunities.

We should never rely on just keeping the status quo, we can utilize times like these to grow, re-think, re-structure, and breathe new life into our businesses! Now here we are in 2021, 4 years after I and my business partner Samantha have established Go Thrive Marketing, a digital marketing and branding agency with the goal to tell your story via the means of Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC Management. A lot has happened in 4 years. The personal, as well as professional growth and journeys, the people we met, the companies we had the pleasure to work with…..we are blessed and grateful. Our local Social Media Agency is thriving and we don’t only work with local clients…our client base can be found anywhere in the US – thanks to Zoom and Google Meet:-) In some ways, we can see how the pandemic cleared the way for opportunities and growth. The growing acceptance of working virtually, has also proven to be a huge advantage for companies like ours…where virtually we can provide our Digital Marketing Services anywhere. On top of that, we as Go Thrive Marketing have also expanded our local marketing reach. I (Natalie), have relocated to beautiful Orange County in California to start the adventure of a blended family:-) With that happening in my private life, Go Thrive has now 5 local service areas. On a local service level, we provide marketing services in Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Ventura County. Sometimes our clients appreciate a one-on-one personal meeting and if time and distance allow for it, we are happy to meet our clients in person….6ft apart of course:-)

As Digital Marketing Experts in Orange County and San Diego County, we also keep an eye on our competition of course. We live in a very affluent area with lots of innovation and ingenuity happening…at a high speed….at all times. As a company we have evolved, and we want to show the World who we are now and what Go Thrive Marketing grew into. A vibrant, women-owned, local Social Media Company in California that strives to generate results for our clients using a content-focused and a heart-centered approach. We have always said for years: We bridge the gap between marketing and sales:-) And marketing is an art form. Every campaign, whether it is a Social Media Campaign, SEO Services, or a Paid Ads Strategy, needs a brain and a soul. You cannot start driving without knowing where to go. I remember years ago when I got my master’s degree in marketing, one of my professors described it perfectly: You have to choose the goal first, the goal is the destination. Then you have to come up with a strategy how to get to the goal. Choosing a car and driving on a highway would be the strategy. Navigating the car to get to the goal is implementing your strategy. This comparison always stuck in my head and I frequently explain this to our clients.

Now the point I wanted to make is that we have finally implemented one of our internal goals….developing a new branding and building a new, exciting website that truly reflects who we are as a company. And we could not be more proud! I will leave it to that for today and hope you enjoy scrolling through our site and appreciate the passion that went into creating this website that is a reflection of our visions, enthusiasm, drive and love for marketing!

Thank You

Dr. Nat